Route 66 Ranch, Quay County, Tucumcari, NM - For Sale

 Price: $510,000


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The Property: 

This approximately 1180 ± acre property is uniquely located in the heart of Cow County with an additional mix of adventure, hunting and pleasure; or just enjoying the scenery of Tucumcari Mountain. Traveling North 25 miles brings you to one of the biggest lakes in NM for all types of water sports. Conveniently located on the West side of Tucumcari and off I-40 enables you to be at an airport in either Albuquerque, NM or Amarillo, TX within 3 hours.

Terrain & Vegetation: 

This ranch is comprised of rolling hills with various rock formations and valleys. There is a very good variety of grasses, such as Dropseed, and Blue and Black Gramma. The area has a cool semi-arid climate characterized by cool winter and hot summers. Rainfall is relatively low except during the summer months, when thunderstorms associated with the North American Monsoon can bring locally heavy downpours. Snowfall is generally light, with a mean of 19.4 inches and a median of 9.7 inches. Due to the frequency of low humidity, wide daily temperature variations are normal.


This well-watered ranch has 2 windmills with wells approximately 150-200 ft. deep. There is a dirt tank and large water tank at one of the wells to provide some extra storage.

Livestock Operation: 

This Ranch is very diverse, at the amount of rainfall received will dictate how the ranch is stocked. On a normal year it would run approximately 25 to 30 head of cows year-round.


There is a nice set of pens conveniently located in the center of the ranch.


Mule deer, quail, coyotes

Broker Notes: 

This is a ranch that you do not want to miss. For pleasure and/or running cattle, this place will fill your needs. Give me a call, Scott Burton, 575-760-8088.

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