Cane J Bar Ranch, De Baca County, Fort Sumner, NM - For Sale

 Price: $1,500,000


Property Type: 

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The Property: 

The Cane J Bar Ranch is located 15 miles north of Fort Sumner, NM


Terrain & Vegetation: 

The Cane J Bar Ranch is located in the Gerhardt Valley of De Baca County.  This is a fertile valley laying below the House Caprock.  Some of the earliest settled lands in the county are in this area, mainly due to the soils and vegetation.  The soil is a sandy type with very good moisture retention.  The grasses are mainly gramma, drop seed, love grass, bluestem and other grasses well adapted to the soil.  The ranch has a very small amount of undesirable brush and plants.



An excellent water system is in place that is pumping over the entire ranch.  It consists of 1 strong livestock well and 8 miles of pipeline. Along the pipeline, you can find 6 drinkers that provide an abundance of water.


Livestock Operation: 

In the past, the ranch has been a cow/calf operation running around 100 cows, until the drought.  The ranch cut back to around 75 cows for a few years; but with the last two good years of moisture, the herd has been built back closer to the earlier stocking rates.  Although the ranch has been used for a cow/calf operation, yearlings would suit this country very well with a 12 to 15 acre per head stocking rate on a seasonal grazing program.



The improvements consist of a nice three bedroom, two bath home.  The home has been well maintained and is very comfortable.  There is a metal shop/garage at the home site along with  barn, pipe corrals, scales and overhead feed bins.  There also is a set of pipe corrals located in the middle of the ranch.  These pens have water, scales and loading chute.



The Cane J Bar Ranch has Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, and an abundance of Blue Quail on the property.  

Broker Notes: 

This ranch, in our opinion, is one of the better ranches in De Baca County.  As with all real estate, location is everything and this ranch is located in a prime area.  I have observed this ranch for many years and it seems to rain there when other parts of the county are dry.  The county roads to the ranch are very good and access is excellent.  If you are looking for an investment, retirement ranch or an affordable place to start your ranching career, then come give the Cane J Bar Ranch a look.


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